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2019 Guangxi tour

Time:2019-05-23 11:30 source: Click:115
In order to reward all employees for their hard work in the past year, our company R & D and customer service team held a four-day tour to Guangxi in May 2019. We spent four days in Guilin. Guilin has the world natural heritage Guilin landscape(桂林山水甲天下). 

We packed our bags and took the high speed train.
The first stop, we came to Guilin LijiangThe elephant trunk mountain is named after a giant elephant that stretches its trunk to drink the sweet water from the li river at the river's edge. It is known as the symbol of the Guilin mountains and rivers. 

Does the mountain behind us look like an elephant?

The second stop, we arrived in Yangshuo. We enjoyed the natural scenery and experienced the customs of ethnic minorities in Yangshuo.
We took a boat tour of the Li river, where we could see the scenic spots for 20 yuan. Visit the Yulong river on a bamboo raft.

We visited places where ethnic minorities live.
The third stop, we came to the karst landform of silver rock (银子岩). Here is after tens of thousands of years of water droplet stone rise, forming a variety of beautiful stalactites.
Beautiful and grotesque stalactites
Our last stop was west street in Yangshuo. It is a popular place for tourists from home and abroad. West street is the most historic street in Yangshuo and the earliest place where Chinese and western cultures meet and merge.