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Features of Molded Paper Pulp Products

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Molded paper pulp product (Abbr. MPP) provides superior protection against the damaging effects of vibration and shock, meets with environmental protection requirements and the respective presentation requirments, it has become the ideal substitute for EPS, PS, PVC, EPE etc. The following are General Features of MPP.

Molded paper pulp products (Abbr. MPP) use recyclable paper, reed pulp, sugar cane pulp, plant peduncle and fruit shell as material, it is 100% recyclable.

The material and finished products are biodegradable after being discarded, in line with environmental protection requirements.

MPP is of integrated structure, seamless, non-ruffle, strong intensity, easy handling.

MPP provides superior protection against the damaging effects of vibration and shock.

MPP can be made into various shapes according to customer's different requirements

MPP is acid proof, alkali proof, water proof, oil-proof, leakage proof, nontoxic and resist deformation once processed with special chemicals.

To meet the respective requirments of presentation, the MPP can be processed to improve the surface quality and to be fine coloured.

MPP is not self-inflammable and non-toxic after burning. It is completely safe.

MPP can absorb extra moisture, and is moisture-proof.

MPP is staticelectricity proof. 

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