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New Research and Development !! Semi Wet Pressing Process

Time:2018-02-03 11:37 source: Click:122
In the molded pulp packaging development today, two kinds of pulp production processes in the traditional molded pulp packaging can not meet the market demand, in order to avoid the embarrassment of molded pulp packaging technology selection (with wet pressing packaging technology development cost is high, with a dry pressing process of surface effect is not up to the expected), the R & D team in the second half of 2015 to develop a new molded pulp packaging production process. Because of the surface effect and development costs are between dry and wet pressing pressure, so we named it semi wet pressing process.
molded pulp packaging

Since our new technology has been put into use successfully for a number of companies to develop tailored semi wet pressing effect of molded pulp packaging, and has been widely praised in 2016, half of the company pulp packaging products are used in the semi wet pressing process. The semi wet pressing process has the advantage of his smart products, first surface can be a smooth, but the thickness of the product is 1.2-2mm can adjust the production, compared with wet pressing 0.8mm and dry pressing 2mm semi wet pressing has more choice. Followed by the development cost is almost half of the wet pressing.